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Fomine Observer

This is Winpopup compatible messenger for receiving messages only. Fomine Observer is an alternative to the Windows Messenger Service (Windows NT/2000/XP). Unlike the Messenger Service it has a convenient interface. You can also run Fomine Observer on Windows 98/ME.

Fomine Observer can be used with Fomine WinPopup to perform one-way messaging. For example, this type of communication can be used by network administrators who would like to keep their users informed (while the users could not communicate with each other).

The Fomine Observer is obsolete software. See OfficePopup if you are looking for one-way instant messaging software.

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Download Fomine ObserverSupported Operating System

Fomine Observer - Main Window
Main window
Fomine Observer - History
History of messages
Fomine Observer - Preferences - Window
Preferences; Page Window
Fomine Observer - Preferences - Message
Preferences; Page Message
Fomine Observer - Preferences - History
Preferences; Page History
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Fomine WinPopup is full featured LAN messenger.   WinPopup Speak! This free add-on speaks out incoming messages.